Dog Grooming Process

Benefits of Regular Grooming

There are many benefits of regular grooming, it not only makes your dog look better but it also contributes to his or her psychological health. Grooming is important for all dogs no matter what their age, size or breed. Regular grooming improves the pet's physical comfort by preventing painful matting, removing dirt, excess oil, dead skin, shedding hair, parasites and of course bad odours. From a purely health-related perspective, regular grooming can also help identify other problems which may go unnoticed without the extra attention.

On arrival each dog is appraised and evaluated individually with their owners before their groom to ensure that your dog gets the attention that their coat and condition requires. At this time we can discuss how best to groom, trim and tailor his/her coat according to their breed and lifestyle. Your dog can be groomed either to breed standard or to your own specific requirements. Please tell us anything you may think is important to your dog's well being. Suzie's experience and love of dogs means that she also understands that every dog is different and may need specific treatment depending on its age or temperament.

Please do not allow your dog's coat to become badly tangled, knotted or matted. Your dog should be brushed between grooming appointments and, unless very short haired, should not be bathed unless you are confident and able enough to blow-dry without matting the coat. This is not for the groomer's benefit. De-matting can be very painful and extremely stressful for the dog. If your dog is very matted it is kinder and more humane to clip the entire coat off to the skin and let it grow back. We will also work with you offering helpful advice for you to maintain your dog's coat between visits to us.

Grooming is by appointment only and your dog will be groomed at their allotted time meaning that he or she will not be kept any longer than is entirely necessary. Suzie is willing to give honest advice and is happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the grooming process. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, just contact Suzie on 02891 874240.

What age should I get my puppy groomed?

Puppies should come to the salon as early as possible, as long as they are fully vaccinated before attending. The experience will start with the puppy getting lots of reassurance, love and attention. The puppy will then be brushed, washed and dried. For their first couple of visits we will take the process slowly and calmly allowing your puppy to become familiar with the equipment and relax into the experience and environment. They will learn to associate a trip to the groomers as a positive experience. This service is for puppies under 6 months old and all puppies must be fully vaccinated before attending.